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Evolve Yourself

Evolve 24/7 Fitness has been created to provide a Fitness Centre committed to its members and community with an environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable, fun, attractive, clean and safe.

We have created our vision to make a safe space for the community where people can take a holistic approach to fitness. Our team are highly skilled in a wide range of areas to assist with your health and wellbeing. This is how we support you with the philosophy #evolveyourself.  We have our team onsite during our staffed hours to assist you.

The centre operates with 24/7 access and is stocked with state-of-the-art equipment with the latest in pure strength, pin loaded, and cardio equipment. We also have group fitness classes and functional areas both indoors and out.

This is a family friendly facility with access to quality childminding and we even have classes for kids. You can enjoy your workout knowing your children are having fun too.

Walk in and be greeted by our friendly reception area which adjoins a relaxing lounge setting and our brand-new cafe. Relax after your workout or just catch up with friends. With meals, protein shakes and great coffee, this is the perfect complement to your workout. Evolve 24/7 Fitness is also committed in returning a percentage of profits back into local community including proceeds from the cafe. Locally owned and operated, we are passionate about local needs, enhancing the lives of our youth and supporting local sporting clubs and social welfare initiatives.

Evolve 24/7 Fitness leads the way in providing an environment welcoming those who want to take a holistic approach to health and well-being and provide a personal and professional service. Located in a prominent position with great access, offers our valued members the convenience of 24 hour 7 days a week site access, with ample on/off street parking.

We are committed to your safety and provide adequate lighting, both internally and externally during and after business hours. First aid accessibility is offered on site with duress buttons and lanyards for those late night/early morning workout sessions. Evolve 24/7 Fitness provides our members with dedicated Male and Female amenities, so if you are working out before work, we cater for you too.

We have a range of membership options that include Fitness Passport, which suit everyone. If you are ready to start your journey with us, simply click here to see our membership options and choose what suits you. Alternatively, come meet one of the friendly team who can give you a tour of the centre.

At Evolve 24/7 Fitness you will feel connected to the facility, like-minded members, and our team. We are here to help you achieve your health and fitness needs.

Evolve yourself 

Fitness for the family


Evolve Strength

At Evolve 24/7 Fitness we have taken great care and consideration in determining the best strength equipment for our members.

Evolve 24/7 Fitness offers a strength training environment which includes:

  • Great range of dumbbells, benches, racks and accessories
  • Quality flooring and finishes,
  • Spacious surrounds
  • Visual and audio engagement and much much more…


We are proud to announce we have teamed up with Technogym and will introduce to our facility the ‘Selection Pro’ series of pin loaded equipment and ‘Pure Strength’ plate loaded series. We bring you the best strength experience on the market

Selection Pro

The Selection pro series features exceptional comfort in movement path and training positions which includes

  • Easy start system
  • Heavier weight stacks
  • Range width with unique movements
  • Visual set up
  • Smart Pin
  • Hygienic comfort
  • Physiocam


Pure Strength

Pure strength is built to the highest standards in biometrics, ergonomics, and safety to offer the freedom and feel of working out using free weights within a safe environment. Amongst features seen on all other machines in the industry ‘Pure Strength also features:

  • Movement trajectory
  • Workload distribution
  • Muscle activation
  • Body print system
  • Pure grip
  • Seat adjustments

Evolve Strength

Evolve Group Fitness

Evolve 24/7 Fitness has a fully airconditioned,  dedicated space to ensure your group fitness needs. We provide a range of classes to suit everyone:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Pump Fit
  • High Impact Circuit Training
  • ABT
  • Booty Tone
  • Konga
  • Maxxed
  • Maxxed Frenzy
  • Assault
  • Circuit
  • Body Blast
  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Bar Fit
  • Evolve Kids classes and more!


As we Evolve, so does our class timetable. We are here to suit your needs and keep up to date with industry trends and our customers and their needs. Our up-to-date class timetable can be found on the website here and in the centre.

The group fitness room is a well-equipped, fully air-conditioned and the space can be used for your training during non-programmed class times, ensuring our commitment to you in providing an environment where we meet our member’s needs.

The reason Evolve 24/7 Fitness classes are so successful can simply be put down to the ‘group effect’. The group effect is scientifically proven to help you maintain your motivation through support and inspiration. On your own, it is easier to stop your exercise regime before you achieve your goals. However, the group effect uses ‘the energy of many’, that harness the group effect.

Evolve 24/7 Fitness will make Group Fitness fun, motivational, and inspirational. Working out in a group can give you the confidence and support to unleash your true physical potential, which can also help you start to enjoy exercise rather than see it is a chore.

There are countless benefits of group fitness. Some include:

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Better coping with stress
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved ability to focus
  • Improved posture

Fitness for the family

Evolve Cardio

Evolve 24/7 Fitness provides its customers with the latest in technology, and design in cardio equipment. Evolve 24/7 Fitness will provide our customers with a selection of cardio equipment suitable for all your needs and abilities

Treadmills – Enjoy the sensation of running on a cushioned surface, with the durability and functionality of the latest machines on the market. Our treadmills will promise versatility, usability and reliability that is ideal for all your cardio needs.

Cross trainers – Our machines will recreate the movement of the body when walking or running with a natural elliptical, no-impact movement that prevents stress to joints, whilst providing an extremely effective cardiovascular exercise. Our cardio line wil also be complimented with the ‘Vario’, one of the most innovative pieces of cardio gear with a unique and adaptable movement pattern. Users can adapt their own stride length and shape whilst ensuring a great cardio workout.

Bikes – Evolve with the times as we present to styles of bike functionality. Our recline bikes will add additional comfort to those with limited mobility whilst still offering alternative cycling experience for those looking for cardio activity. Our upright bikes replicate the sensation of riding a real road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomics offer variety of comfort positions as well as performance.

Rowers – provides a great all over body cardiovascular workout. With sleek lines and fluent motions improve your muscular strength, and endurance.

With a wide selection and number of machines at Evolve 24/7 Fitness our Cardiovascular equipment will be a great compliment to your overall fitness needs.

New Fitness equipment

Evolve Functional Training

Functional Training put simply, is everyday “Human” movement, translated into exercise. This style of training focuses specifically on improving functional strength, performance and overall health of the body.

At Evolve 24/7 Fitness we understand the importance and concept which is why we have dedicated a space for our members to access such functionality in an air-conditioned space.

Our functional rig and outdoor functional zone is complimented with  a series of equipment including slam balls, TRX straps,  rower, boxing apparel, spin bike, bands, boxes, ropes and assorted attachments which can be used in programmed times or at your convenience. Join in our classes or simply come on in, turn on the music and timer and create your own positive cardio experience, gather a group of friends perhaps, the sky’s the limits. Evolve 24/7 Fitness, Evolve yourself, Evolve with us!

 Evolve Functionsl Training

Evolve Kids

At Evolve 24/7 Fitness we understand the stress and constraints of everyday life, we are here to work with our families. Understanding this, we have a dedicated crèche providing them a friendly and fun atmosphere full of colour and engagement to ensure they enjoy the ‘Evolve’ experience as much as you do.

We know how hard it can be for parents juggling busy lives, so we also proudly offer FREE kid’s classes with every adult membership! This means you get to do a workout in peace, whilst we make these classes for kids super fun and help them burn energy. You don’t pay extra and get to keep fit while they do.

junior boxercise