The 4 Most Important Things To Consider When Joining A Gym

It is vital that when considering joining a gym you choose one where you feel welcomed, happy and motivated.
Here are a few things you should look out for before signing a new gym commitment…


Check social media:

Don’t be swayed by savvy marketing or slogans, but instead do some research online. If the gym you’re considering has a Facebook or Instagram presence, check their feed to validate that their members are enjoying their time there. If the gym is keeping up-to-date and including their members in things like promotional videos or even providing information to members (and non-members), then chances are they have a healthy dynamic there.


Make sure your gym has everything you want to participate in and utilise. For instance, this could be fitness classes, specific machines or equipment, personal training, kids’ classes, nutritionists… It is also imperative that the gym you choose facilitates for your needs… If you have a young child that you have a hard time finding a babysitter for, this could be a very strong factor in your decision in choosing a gym.

Does your gym offer free training plans with qualified instructors? It’s easy to sign up a new member but make sure your gym guides you along the way to ensure you achieve your goals.


Atmosphere is super important. Find a gym that has a positive and motivating feel. You should walk into the gym feeling motivated and welcomed… at the end of the day you are paying for a service! Look to see what current members are like…  Is the place friendly & family orientated or is it more of a commercial ‘earphones in, work out and leave’ type of gym? Your performance in the gym will be greatly influenced by whether you feel comfortable and at ease whilst working out!


This may not seem like that much of an important consideration to begin with, but once you are there and working out, if the gym has not been maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you will find yourself uncomfortable using much of the equipment. Check for things like paper towels/mats for people to use while they are working out or numerous spray bottles located around the gym to wipe equipment down after use. A clean gym is a good gym!

As you can see there are numerous things you should look out for when deciding to join a gym. At the end of the day, depending on your workout schedule it could potentially be somewhere you will be spending lots of your time… so choose wisely!